The Award-Winning Luminaire controller

The CNODE IOT AMR smart luminaire controller and Wireless MBus gateway won the Smart City Sensor 2023 Innovation award from Zhaga Awards.

ZHAGA Controllers

Smart IOT Luminaire Controllers

No Gateways, No monthly fees, Real-time monitoring, Energy savings, and Advanced control

Smart IOT Luminaire Controllers

Control, Connectivity, Energy Savings

Upgrade to Intelligent street lighting with Smart feeder pillar cabinets

Smart IOT Luminaire Controllers

Advanced Lighting System

Advanced software platform for Real-time control, predictive maintenance, and Energy savings

Smart Street Lighting Management Software

Luminaire Controllers

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Segment Controllers

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Reduce Energy Costs and Boost Savings
Achieve up to 80% energy saving by cutting burn hours, adjusting street lighting during off-peek and iluminaiting it on demand
Lower Maintenance Costs
Monitoring street lighting in real-time leads to maintenance cost savings up to 30% by early issue detection and proactive maintenance.
Better Public Safety
Properly functioning public lighting improves safety by deterring crime and improving visibility
Efficient Lighting for a Sustainable City
Reduce wasted energy and lower carbon emissions
First Step Towards Building a Smart City
The first step towards building a Smart City with connected and automated lighting systems
Streamline Street Lighting Operations
Centralized control for remote monitoring, managing and controlling your street lights for savings on both time and money


Transform your public lighting infrastructure into a smart, energy-efficient and safer system with comprehensive smart street lighting solutions

Smart Cabinet Control

Only one device needed to transform feeder pillar to Smart cabinet. Remote scheduled ON/OFF phase switching, energy measurement, fault detection and alerts will reduce burning hours and energy wasted energy.

Layer 1
Layer 1

Dimming Schedules

Less wasted energy during off-peek with remotly asigned individual luminaire dimming schedules and reduced maintenance costs through ontime luminaire diagnostic data.

Adaptive Lighting

Roads or areas with less traffic or pedestrians during off-peek hours can reach up to 80% energy saving and deliver illumination only when it is needed.

Layer 1
Air control
EV charging
CCTV cameras
24/7 Power Supply
Perfect backbone for Smart City applications, like outdoor air quality sensors, noise level monitoring, weather monitoring, CCTV cameras, EV charging thanks to continious power supply in public lighting grid. Software Platform

Smart lighting software platform that provides full control and monitoring over public lighting infrastructure.

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Saving Calculator

Unlock the potential savings for your city with our smart street lighting control system calculator and find out how you can benefit from its advanced features and achieve maximum savings.

Burning hoursBurning hours
kWh per yearkWh per year
Avg. kWh priceAvg. kWh price
Price per yearPrice per year
* The figures provided by this calculator are approximate and only reflect the energy savings resulting from dimming schedule optimization
Savings with dimming per year
Savings with dimming per year
Savings with sensors per year
Savings with sensors per year
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