Powerful supervising tool

An advanced dispatcher supervising tool for continuous streetlight monitoring, alerting and management.

GSM/3G communication

Remote streetlight cabinet inspection and management is now done easier than ever before thanks to the widest wireless communication network in the world – GSM/3G. Now all streetlight information is accessible online anytime and everywhere.

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    GSM operator

    GSM operator
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Individual phase switching ON/OFF

No more dusted photocells, no daylight burning or scheduled timer settings. C-Box enables individual phase switching based on a user defined ON/OFF profile corresponding to the solar cycle and twilight sensor.

Energy measurements

Built-in energy meter enables high precision energy measurements and failure detection on each phase.

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    Power factor

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    Leakage detection

Sensor data from the field

Various sensors allow data acquisition from a wide range, whether it is a connected door switch for violation detection or a plugged twilight sensor for brightness measurement C-Box will deliver the data.

Luminaire communication

Using PLC (Power line communication) or RF (Radio frequency) data transmission technologies C-Box can set dimming profiles and receive energy measurements from up to 350 individual luminaire through the air or over power lines.